Our Firm, Information Aid Network (IFAnet) is a New Media and ICT4D Organization established in 1996, formally inaugurated in 2000, and registered at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Abuja, Nigeria, on December 30, 2003.

Primarily established as an electronic information resource network to administer to the needs of information users on media and culture-related issues in Nigeria, today IFAnet has expanded and redefined its mandate to include bringing about strategic developmental change, through community development, in the socio-cultural and the political-economy of the West African corridor through the creative application of traditional and the new media of information dissemination.

IFAnet is committed to enshrining the ideals of cultural and civic rights in formal and non-formal education, freedom of the press, freedom of the judiciary, and values of democratic habit. Our ultimate objective is to bring about the appreciation of diversity in society, and increasingly deliberative, open communities for the enthronement of good governance in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. We emphasize an integrated approach to development issues. This objective has successfully driven our firm in the last fifteen years with operational coverage and patronage across Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region. We are concerned with complementing the efforts of any organization in its bid to evolve a functioning, improved, efficient and effective management system.

During the course of the year, our firm had conducted tailor-made training programmes, designed to meet the requirements of governments and other organisations. Our development-oriented training and ICT related activities also focus on education, health, finance, agriculture, technology, environment, gender, commerce, economic development, politics and governance. We have achieved quite a modest success with this initiative through activities across tiers of government spanning local, sub-national and regional levels.

Our reputation lies in building lasting relationships with our clients and focus on delivering value in all we do and for this, we are proud to have built programmes for the World Bank, Ford Foundation, OSIWA, USAID, the PANOS Institute, Free Muse, and the British High Commission to mention a few.

The attendant success recorded in these endeavours has enabled us to develop and further refine robust and dynamic methodologies that can be adapted and applied to deliver practical and innovative solutions to clients’ needs and this has remained the pillar of our strength to date.


— Our Mission

To use the ICTs and new media in addressing and redressing the circumstances of poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

— Our Vision

How best the machines of ICTs can serve humanity


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