ICT4D and Cultural Diversity Training for Children of West Africa’s Migrant Workers

By the May of 2006, IFAnet commenced with a training programme of the Children of West African Migrant Workers in Southwest, Nigeria, along with some Nigerian children too. The choice of the children of the most vulnerable group (the migrants’ children) was informed by the emerging trend in the world to tackle the problem of unequal access to the newest media of the ICTs. But this project was as much for the concern for offsprings of transnational migration and their vulnerability in an increasingly conflictual world proliferated with small arms. Beyond the technicalities of the ICTs the training exposed the children to the different cultures and religions of West Africa and their beauty in such diversity. This is a tacit acknowledgement that the post-independence elite has failed the subregion, but perhaps the future can be saved!

By and large, this was also another initiative to fulfil our mandate, given that IFAnet set out with an aim on ‘’How best the machines of ICTs can serve humanity’’, and a mission on how ‘’To use the ICTs and new media in addressing and redressing the circumstances of poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment in Nigeria and the West African sub-region’’. We share with you a photographic snippet of a typical training session.

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